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Drive huge organic traffic using content campaigns

If you're looking to dominate your niche online, the secret is content

Most companies know this, but where they go wrong is on keyword research and scale.

Drip feeding 4-5 articles a month across a random set of keywords just doesn't cut it. 

You need to get scientific with keywords and build content at scale to win in the SERPs.

Our SEO content campaigns do just that.

We use advanced technics like AI assisted keyword mapping and clustering, industry specific writer recruitment, advanced briefing that also leverages AI, and high velocity publishing to take sites from 0 to hero in just a few months.

Put simply...

AI Content Strategies + Quality Content + Fast Publishing = Google ❤️

The results speak for themselves

Often clients can't believe the results we achieve with just content. No Links!

To show you the power of SEO content campaigns, check out some of the traffic screenshots below.

Every campaign below involved no link building or other SEO tactics.

You can follow a live SEO content case study we're running here.

seo content traffic

The client above engaged us to create a 100 article content campaign for a new website. We launched the campaign in July 2020. By end of August all articles were written and published. Traffic is now at 20,000 monthly sessions and growing! 

seo content example

This client's traffic had plateaued at 15,000 monthly sessions. We came in, created an 80 article content campaign and published all articles over a two month period (Jan-Feb 2018). Over the next 8 months traffic increased to 50,000 monthly sessions, for a 230% increase.

Can YOU get these results?

Before we get to how you can achieve the same results above, there is some bad news.

SEO content campaigns don't work for every client. If you're already killing it with content or are in a massively competitive niche, then a content campaign might not be the right approach. Brute force link building or HARO outreach may serve you better.

The good news is that most websites aren't doing an amazing job with their content, and there is usually content gaps in even the most competitive niches.

To find out if there is genuine potential, we always start with a discovery call.

The call allows us to look at your niche together, see where the gaps are, scientifically identify where you can take action to dominate the organic search results. If we identify lots of opportunities and you want to engage us, we'll design an SEO content campaign that fits your budget.


Tom de Spiegelaere

Affiliate Marketer

I have to say the quality of the content is outstanding. Tasket is now our go-to source for quality content.

How It Works

1. Keyword mapping and content planning

Using AI technologies like Ahrefs, SurferSEO and Cluster AI we'll map out the main silos and keywords in your niche, identify gaps, and then create a content plan with a priority list of articles that need to be written to achieve success in the SERPs. Depending on your budget this could be 20, 50, 80 or 100+ articles.

2. Writer recruitment, onboarding and training

Content quality and depth of insight is highly dependent on writers that have niche-specific knowledge. If we don't have specialists in our freelance writer network, we will recruit a team of knowledge experts in your niche. These writers will be trained in our proven content methods and closely managed by your dedicated content account manager to ensure we create the best quality content on the internet. 

3. High velocity briefing, writing and publishing 

Speed is of the utmost importance. The key to a successful SEO content campaign is to demonstrate to Google that your site is an expert resource in the niche. We do this by publishing a lot of content as fast as possible. Our team use advanced AI briefing technology from to ensure writers cover article topics in as much detail. Our editing and proofreading team then sharpen articles, before publishing en masse to your site.


Benjamin Golden

Digital Marketer

In the past 6 months, we've launched 4 niche sites using content from Tasket. The quality is insane! Two of the sites are already ranking for 100s of keywords and picking up featured snippets. Can't recommend them enough!

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Pricing varies by the size of the content campaign but on average you can expect to pay the following. See what's included.

Campaign Size

Estimated Cost

20 Articles


50 Articles


80 Articles


100 Articles


What's included

All our plans include...

Dedicated content manager

Your campaign will be managed by a dedicated content account manager

Niche-specific writers

Only the best native English writers. Trained in writing SEO content and recruited with niche expertise.

Content plan

Advanced AI technics used to map out silos, cluster keywords and prioritise into a content plan.

AI-generated briefs

We use AI to create writer briefs that ensure the articles you receive are the best on the internet. 

Expert editing and proofreading

Our editing and proofreading team fact-check and sharpen articles before publishing.

High velocity publishing

Your dedicated content manager will publish articles to your site with perfect on-page SEO and intelligent interlinking.

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