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Having spent years working with agencies to build links, the one thing I hated was the lack of transparency around pricing (most agencies mark-up the publishers link cost by over 100%).

And if that wasn't bad enough, many agencies hide the publisher's website until after you've placed an order.

At Tasket we take a fully transparent approach and only charge a brokerage fee for negotiating, securing and placing your link insertion or guest post.

We don't mark-up a publishers cost and we don't hide a publisher's information.

We just focus on doing the hard work of sourcing and negotiating great prices for your link placements. 

We're in the business of helping our clients scale their links without getting fleeced. 

If this sounds like the type of agency you want to work with let's chat, or check out our link packages to try us out.

doug testimonial

Doug Wilson

Digital Marketer

This is by far the best link building service I've used. The quality of the sites are top notch and I can vet them before going live. I know exactly how much a link actually costs, and can see the discounts that Tasket are negotiating for me.

Link Building Services


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Results are what matter!

We started working with this client after their organic traffic had stalled. Over a 5 month period we added 21 quality link insertions and 17 premium guest posts. The results have been epic. Search traffic increased by 430%, and it continues to grow today.

miq traffic

How It Works

1. Pay a per link brokerage fee

We offer link insertions or guest posts. We do all the heavy-lifting to source and negotiate link placements for you and don't mark-up publisher Placement Fees.

2. Tell us your criteria

We use a stringent due diligence process to source websites, but you decide on what criteria you want (Domain Rating, Traffic, Niche, Placement Fee etc).

3. We match sites to your criteria

Our outreach team will match websites to your criteria and negotiate the best possible Placement Fees.

4. Accept or decline sites before going live

You can accept or decline the sites you want to work with. Once accepted we'll get your links inserted or guest posts written and published using your chosen anchors.

5. You pay the publisher directly

We only take a brokerage fee. You pay the web publisher's Placement Fee directly to them.

Still got questions?

Pricing Plans


We place your links on existing articles from top quality websites

from $35

/ Link

Excludes web publisher's cost

(ranges from $20-$350+)


  • You decide on what site criteria you want (Domain Rating, Traffic etc.)
  • Our outreach team will then negotiate the best possible link insertion prices for sites that match your criteria. 
  • You accept or decline the sites you want to work with. Once accepted we'll get your links inserted naturally with your chosen anchors.
  • You pay the web publisher's fee directly to them.

Our service guarantee

All our links are built with these minimum terms...

Do-follow and not sponsored

We ensure all links are do-follow, not marked as sponsored and are placed naturally for great effect.

Authority sites

We only work with authority sites. Domain ratings from 20-70+, you decide what DR you want.

Niche specific and contextual

We ensure your links are placed on niche-specific websites with contextually relevant content.

No PBNs or Link Farms

All websites have a minimum of 1000 organic visitors a month. No PBNs or link farms.

Quality content

We only use native english speaking writers for guest posts, who can produce traffic-worthy content.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you are unhappy with a link we'll offer a replacement website or a no-quibble refund. 


If after reading our FAQs you still have questions, feel free to schedule a call.

How do you vet the quality of websites?

We have a stringent process for vetting websites before we start working with them. Our process includes reviewing their metrics on Ahrefs, Semrush and Majestic, checking for any Google penalties, doing a manual review to check they are not PBNs or link farms, and checking to ensure their web history doesn't have any red flags.

How much do publisher fees cost?

Publisher fees vary by website. Generally the higher the domain rating and / or quality of the website, the more expensive the link. Publisher fees range from $20 to $350+. You can specify how much you're willing to pay for a link based your criteria, and you can accept or decline any websites we suggest. Our brokerage fee is in addition to the publisher's cost, however, we are usually able to negotiate discounts, which ultimately works out cheaper for you than doing link building yourself or outsourcing to an expensive agency.

Do you use PBNs?

Absolutely not. Every website we work with is a genuine web property with real traffic.

Can I see the websites you suggest before agreeing placement?

Absolutely. After you have placed an order and provided us with your criteria, we will suggest appropriate websites. You can accept or decline websites before we proceed to placement. 

Do you write the guest posts, or do I have too?

Our brokerage fee for guest posts includes us writing the content on your behalf. We use native english speakers for our guest post content and will craft a 700-800 word post that naturally builds in your link. If you want to review guest post drafts before they go live that is absolutely fine. Just let us know.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

Yes. We offer discounts for all our bulk link building packages.

Do you offer monthly plans?

Yes, many of our clients prefer a set it and forget approach. If this sounds like you then we recommend trying our monthly plans. Each month you can brief us on your link requirements and we will get to work finding epic guest post and / or link insertion opportunities.

How do you ensure you don’t place my links on websites that already link to me?

We use Ahrefs to check your existing backlink profile and ensure we don't duplicate placements. You also accept or decline websites before we proceed with placement so if you believe you already have a backlink from a specific site we will avoid placing your link there.

How long will my links be live?

We always negotiate for permanent placement with publishers. 99% of the time links remain live forever. However, as we don't own or control the publisher websites we can't guarantee that your link will remain live in perpetuity. If the link is removed within the first 12 months of placement we will follow up with the publisher to try get it replaced. But as we don't take money on behalf of the publishers, and because you make payment directly to them, your best recourse is to make a PayPal refund request or complaint if they don't replace your link.  

Will my links be dofollow and not marked as sponsored?

Yes, we insist publishers set links as dofollow and don't mark post or links as sponsored. We will not work with a publisher if they don't agree to these terms.

Do you come up with anchors or do I need to suggest them?

Generally our clients specify the link anchors they want for their links. However, if you want our professional input on appropriate anchors we are always happy to help.

See how we are investing $50k to scale a portfolio of sites to a 7 figure valuation