Last Updated: June 2021

Content Site Case Study: Going From Zero To $10K In Monthly Revenue

Our goal on this content site is to take earnings from $0 to $10k a month in under 24 months.


by Mark Whitman

Summary Stats

  • Site Launched: June 2020
  • Investment to date: $9,421.31
  • Income to date: $4,653.79
  • Estimated site value: $28,000
  • ROI to date: 236%

2020 Numbers

project hermes summary

2021 Numbers

hermes june 2021

Costs to date

  • Domain: $29.17 (aged domain from Godaddy) + $18.17 renewal.
  • Hosting: $250 (WPX) + $250 renewal.
  • Content cost: $7,243 (200,000 words. Bought from our content team at Tasket). This price includes an in-house discount.
  • Links: $1064 (we’ve bought 10 link insertions and 5 guest posts. Acquired via our link building team).
  • Citations: $20 (from SEOButler)
  • Social Profiles: $7 (Fiverr)
  • VA for posting: $450 (used our VA team)
  • Web services: $89.99 (keyword research tool)
  • Total Cost: $9,421.31

Income to date

We only added affiliate links in late September 2020.

  • October 2020: $167
  • November 2020: $715.30 (Black Friday went well!)
  • December 2020: $215
  • January 2021: $523.44
  • February 2021: $367.18
  • March 2021: $900.15
  • April 2021: $811.05
  • May 2021: $954.67
  • Total Income: $4,653.79

Traffic to date

  • July 2020: 217 sessions
  • August 2020: 755 sessions
  • September 2020: 2,467 sessions
  • October 2020: 7,034 sessions
  • November 2020: 10,097 sessions
  • December 2020: 10,254 session
  • January 2021: 11,558 sessions
  • February 2021: 12,643 sessions
  • March 2021: 19,458 sessions
  • April 2021: 18,711 sessions
  • May 2021: 19,663 sessions
hermes traffic 2021

Timeline and Learnings

June 2020

  • We launched this content project in June 2020.
  • For the first week we researched niches. Niche choice is critical – for us the criteria was not Amazon, average sale price $100+, 30+ day cookie, high converting affiliate partner (checked using Commission Junction stats), and decent commission 8%+
  • Once we decided on a niche we got to work sourcing an aged domain. Many people look for a powerful backlink profile when trying to get an aged domain. These are great, but they can be very hard to find and costly. For us, we focused on relevance to our niche, a clean history and age. We managed to find a super relevant domain that was 15 years old on Godaddy auctions. We checked it's history using and it was squeaky clean. We managed to secure the domain for under $30. Winning!
  • We then created a detailed content plan for 80-100 articles (100,000 words). This took a solid 2-3 days, but we knew from the get go that if this site takes off we would need a scalable structure, so we thought long and hard about our content plan and the silos we would use.
  • With the domain bought and launched, we used Fiverr to create social profiles.

July 2020

  • Our content team got to work writing the 100k words.
  • We also bought citations using SEO Butler.
  • About 75% of the content was written and published in July.

August 2020

  • By early August all content was published.
  • To our surprise, Google starting indexing and ranking our content out the gates. This is very unusual for a brand new site, so the aged domain clearly made a huge difference.
  • With the site already starting to rank and pull in organic traffic we decided to invest in some links. We bought 10 high quality link insertions and 5 guest posts from our link building team. 80% of these we pointed to the homepage using branded anchors and naked URLs, and the rest we pointed to internal silo pages.

Key Learning

If your domain is aged and good, your content solid, and your site structure silo’ed and interlinked correctly, you don’t need a lot of links to rank. Although Ahrefs shows 189 referring domains, most of these are citations and coupon sites. Hence our DR is 2!!

hermes case study

September 2021

  • We did nothing. Just sat on our hands to see what Google would think. Good news, the G-Dawg likes us!
  • I say nothing, but we did get one of our VAs to add affiliate links. We partnered with three eCommerce companies in the niche, two on Commission Junction and one on Rakuten. 

October 2021

  • With positive signs all-round we decided to double down on content and created another content plan for another 100k words of commercial content.

November and December 2021

  • Our content team completed the next batch of articles and our VA published all content.
  • By December it was clear that one affiliate partner was outperforming the other two by a mile. For example, see the screenshot below of Affiliate Partner A vs Affiliate Partner B. As you can see Partner A has driven 14x more commission than B, despite B sending 1/3 as much traffic as A. 
mvp affiliate

January 2021

  • Due to the poor performance of Affiliate Partner B and C, we've switched them out for Amazon. The switch was completed mid January 2021 and the results are promising.
  • We also added in a new affiliate partner from Commission Junction.
hermes amazon jan 2021

February and March 2021

  • We decide to power things up a little with some strategic PBN links from IM Powerhouse. These have moved the dial in terms of traffic and revenue, and in March we saw our highest traffic and revenue month.
  • We also decided to invest in more content, another 100k words. But this time we are doing 100% informational content. Up to this point we have only had commercial content on the site (Best of round ups, individual reviews, X vs Y comparisons). We used a tool called Keyword Cupid to create a informational content plan and will be getting our content team to start writing in April / May.
  • We also installed advertising via Setupad. Setupad use a metric called Effective Cost per Mille (eCPM), which similar to RPM. We are currently achieving around $2 per 1000 impressions, which isn't too shabby. I know you can get higher on Mediavine and AdThrive, but our traffic isn't quite there yet. 
setupad march 2021

April and May 2021

  • Our content team were rammed with client work in April and May so we had to delay the roll-out of another 100k. Work has now begun and we expect to publish most of this content in June and July.
  • Traffic and income in the meantime has plateaued so hopefully we will see explosive growth as soon as the new content goes lives.

Current Valuation 

It is very difficult to value such a new site, but after 6 months earnings we are averaging $700 per month and on a huge uptrend. We would estimate this site is worth: $28k (40x multiple).

I'll be updating this case study in a few months.

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