5 Calendar Management Tips for Successful Entrepreneurs

Calendar management is of paramount importance for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

It is more than just assigning time blocks to tasks – it is a cognitive task that will greatly assist in the success of a small business.

Knowing how to successfully plan and manage a calendar allows for optimum time management and therefore the utmost productivity during the workday.

This post will cover 5 tips for successfully managing a calendar, the benefits of effectively manage a calendar and some calendar management software to try out!

5 Tips for Successfully Managing a Calendar

calendar management tips

Set aside time to respond to emails

As an entrepreneur, responding to emails can take up a large chunk of time that could be better spent in other ways.

When setting up a schedule, it is important that time is scheduled to respond to emails per day, to keep one’s inbox manageable while also remaining on top of other responsibilities.

Block book meetings and calls

Block booking meetings and calls and limiting them to specific days and times of the week allow one to focus on other responsibilities while also making valuable contact time with clients and suppliers.

This scheduling tip allows one to feel more productive during your day, as it allows for focused time on meetings.

Schedule time to eat, for recreational activities and family time

Being a small-business owner probably means that there is a great deal of tasks that one is responsible for.

It can be easy to forget to do the basic things such as eating, spending time with family and loved ones, and to indulge in hobbies.

It is important to ensure that one schedules time for these things as this will allow one to take a much needed break from the daily hustle and bustle of managing a small business while also ensuring that one is healthy – both mentally and physically.

Have one meeting-free day a week

Schedule one day per week with zero meetings.

Meetings can be draining, and if not managed properly, can run over the scheduled time.

Taking a day to focus on other aspects of one’s business (like social media management, or product development) allows one to further the cause of the business in a healthy and manageable way.

Ensure meeting agendas are short and to the point

As the adage goes, time is money.

Meetings do not have to be long to be productive, so ensure that each meeting has an agenda, and that it is stuck to throughout the meeting.

By creating an agenda, one can rest assured that you will cover all the necessary points during the meeting, while also avoiding veering off course that can eat into valuable time that may not be available.

Benefits of Effectively Managing A Calendar

Staying on Track With Goals

Calendars ensure that one stays on track with your goals – including accomplishing tasks and meeting personal and professional goals.

Effectively Prioritize Tasks

Making use of a calendar allows one to effectively prioritize tasks – it’s normal to have more energy to do things earlier in the day, therefore by scheduling important tasks for first thing in the day allows for a greater chance of success.

Promotes Company Growth

Calendar management is critical in company growth as it permits one to look back at what worked, and how to implement a routine that ensures success.

Calendars also provide an archive and a paper trail that could prove to be invaluable during difficult times.

Calendar Management Software to Try Out

As the fourth industrial revolution progresses, there are many options to choose from when it comes to selecting digital schedule management software.

Most scheduling software will sync to your email inbox and will automatically schedule appointments, while also giving you the flexibility to manually schedule other tasks.

The majority of available software offers many of the same features, with the most notable differences being between the various offerings available i.e. the most expensive plans will offer more functionality than the free versions of the software.

Some of our recommended software includes:

Built-in Calendar Apps on Your Devices

Most devices come with built-in calendar apps.

They might not have the features of some of the paid for software options available, but they will ensure that all bases are covered and with each app upgrade, allows for more seamless integration of calendars between devices.

ical calendar management tips



Another easy-to-use scheduling app is Doodle.

The interface is minimal and although it’s features may be limited, it allows for your clients and colleagues to interact with meeting requests in a meaningful way.

The app also includes a function called Meet.Me which allows people to view your availability and book time with you accordingly.

Doodle calendar management tips


Effectively managing a calendar could change the trajectory of your business for the better.

If you need help with managing your calendar, check out our VA services!

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Esther is a VA from Cape Town, South Africa. She has completed her diploma in Public Relations and Communications and has extensive experience in the retail industry. Esther is passionate about finding creative solutions to complex problems, and she aims to bring indispensable value to the Tasket client pool.

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